1. Ashes & Embers

From the recording Silver Line

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Ashes & Embers (Chuck Hawthorne)

Breathing in his world
Was huffing gasoline
And searching for the wind
To gently curse.

Mumblin’ a vodka rhyme;
Hammerin’ out a worried time
On some greasy, antique, money-makin’ Machine.

Then he'd read the Book of Life
With eyes of mended glass.
I guess he found his wind
In some old verse.

Turned a thousand snow white pages
With a weathered hand to catch his
Seasoned words.

Hall County winter,
Have mercy on old sinners
When the cotton harvests late in December.

Old red brick town
On old red dirt ground,
Is your ancient soul young enough to remember?

Digging in his soul
Were Dust Bowl memories
A penny shy for thoughts
Of things undone.

Hand-to-mouth hungry will;
Handing out a dollar bill
For some hell-bent, skinny school kid’s Tragedy.

Carried denim on his back
Like a faded coat of arms
Threadbare from his life
Under the gun.

All dressed up to take him home now
Where the Prairie Dog and the Mulberry Rivers run.

Hall County rivers,
Have mercy on old sinners
Baptized eighty years in your waters.

Old red brick town
On blood hallowed ground,
Is your ancient soul young enough to remember…

…Who plowed your earth?
…Who grew in your dirt?
…The names of all your ashes and embers?